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Solera Audatex launches total loss solution to help Irish insurers

With amendments to the Road Traffic Act 2016 looming, insurers will have an easy way of registering total loss vehicles in line with new legislation thanks to a new total loss solution from  Audatex and Cartell.

The Solera company and Ireland’s leading car history check and automotive data solutions company, have launched an automated Total Loss Registration solution to help Ireland’s insurers comply with the Road Traffic Act 2016 amendments which are expected to take effect this summer.

The upcoming amendments require vehicle insurers to notify the Department of Transport’s National Vehicle Driver File when a vehicle is written off. Solera Audatex and Cartell’s automated service will make notification of Category A (scrap only) or Category B (some parts salvageable) inspections easier than ever. Currently, there is no simple way for insurers to make this notification, accounting for a considerable amount of administrative time.

Using Audatex’s AudaEnterpriseGold (AEG), the Total Loss Registration solution generates a ‘Daily Total Loss Report’ which Cartell then utilised to conduct a check of each vehicle. Once verified, a summary of all Category A and B cases will be delivered automatically to the Department of Transport on the same day to achieve fast vehicle categorization. Any vehicles requiring further verification will be sent directly to the insurer to correct records on the Audatex system and be re-processed by Cartell accordingly.

Tom Hart, Head of Client Relations for Solera Audatex, commented: “As a leading claims management platform, Audatex offers a wide array of intelligent AI-driven tools to make claims management faster and more objective for insurers and body shops. The Total Loss solution offers insurers a comprehensive and intuitive workflow, anticipating their needs and providing them the automated tools to ensure consistent and best value outcomes in line with the very latest legislation.”

Nicola Aherne, Commercial & Operations Director for Cartell, said, “It’s essential for insurers to work within the regulations without unnecessary admin or cost. Products such as the Total Loss Solution make legal compliance fast and efficient. Our vehicle database expertise combines well with Audatex’s insurance and body shop solutions to ensure that vehicle status can be updated easily, and that history is then available to the trade and the public.”

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