ELVES takes Electric Vehicle Dismantling Training to the Next Level

November 2023 will see ELVES offer for the first time IMI Electric Vehicle Dismantling training -Authorised level. This training certificate represents the third level of training provided under the Electric ELVES programme all three of which are specifically designed for dismantlers. The ‘Authorised’ level training will be delivered in Limerick, alongside the provision of IMI ‘Competent’ level training in both Athlone and Limerick.

Elena Wrelton from ELVES said , “We are continually reviewing our electric vehicle dismantling training provision, to ensure it meets the needs of ATFs and provides them with the highest quality and most appropriate training possible. We are excited to be able to bring this next level training to ATFs in Ireland, allowing those who have already completed earlier levels to take their knowledge and understanding one step further.”


The courses are offered as part of the Electric ELVES programme, operated by ELVES, the compliance scheme for End-of-Life Vehicles. The courses will be run as follows:

Wed 15th November, Athlone – IMI Competent Electric Vehicle Dismantling Training
Thurs 16th November, Limerick – IMI Competent Electric Vehicle Dismantling Training
Fri 17th November, Limerick – IMI Authorised Electric Vehicle Dismantling Training

The training is provided free to all ATFs. ATFs can apply for a place on one of the courses by completing the application form on the link below and sending it to info@elves.ie.

November 2023 Electric Vehicle Dismantling Training Application Form

To date, nearly 200 people have completed electric vehicle awareness and handling training through the Electric ELVES programme. The training, provided by Salvage Wire Ltd has taken place in 12 locations across the country since 2019.

To find out more about the Electric ELVES programme, ATFs can visit www.electricelves.ie.

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